Running DC Production center
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We provide support for small-to-mid-sized production
companies by leasing content production space and equipment

Special effect filming studio

The special effect filming studio in the DC production center is the largest center in the nation, a three story building of 1,500 m2.
Has conditions for chroma-key and film set for the movies, dramas, and other programs.
Special effect filming studio
Name Number
Filming studio 1
Dressing room 2
Equipment and materials room 1
Lift 1
Batten 136/set
Special effect filming studio

Production studio

Suitable for various types of program small scale production with cutting-edge equipment and studio facilities
(HD camera, switch, editorial system, audio recording)
Production studio
Item name Model Number
HD Camera PMW320K1 4
Switcher HVS-1500HS 1
VCR HDW-M2000 5
Wall Monitor system NMV-200MF 1
CG Tornado2 R5 1
Audio Console YAMAHA DM1000 1
Production studio

Media conversion suite

Digital media conversion suite has the high quality cutting-edge equipment
(HDVCR, signal convertor, file convertor used for converting to international standard signal).
It is convenient to do format changes and input-out put of analog digital media.
Media conversion suite
Item name Model Number
HD VCR SRW-5500 2
HD VCR F500 2
HD VCR HVR-1500 1
HD VCR AHD 1700 1
Media conversion suite

Render farm system

This studio has an exclusive server and software. It has a system to produce 2D and 3D for animation, special effects, and games.
Render farm system
Item name Model Number
Management Server IBM System x x3650 M3 1
Blade Server IBM Blade Center H522 50
Blade Server DELL BladeCenter 50
Storage IBM System Storage DS3400 1
3D Application SW Maya, 3d Max 102
Renderer V-Ray Qube 51
RMS - 102
Plug-in Fum wFX For 3ds Max 50
Plug-in Vue 2RenderCow License(Node) For 3ds Max 1
Plug-in Vue 2RenderCow License(Node) For 3ds Max 50
Render farm system

4K Filming system

With the 4K Filming system used in the film site for movies and dramas, we provide the equipment for high quality digital content production.
4K Filming system
Section Equipment Number
Camera Set RED Epic M 5K System 2
Lens Set ARRI Ultra Prime Lens Set 2
Follow Focus ARRI Follow Focus FF-4 2
Tripod & HEADS Occonnor Tripod Set(Utlmate2066HD, CINEHD Tripod, Baby, Hihat) 2
Matte Box Arri MB-14 MatteBox Set 2
Monitor Tvlogic 17” 2
4K Filming system