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As the broadcasting that promotes the nation's business, empowers people, leading the future,
Channel I will open a new prospect in the nation's industry.

Ch-industry The nation's first premium channel exclusively dedicated for industry

국내 최초 산업전문 프리미엄 채널 Channel I is a pathfinder of broadcasting network that provides professional industry
information and delivers the voice of industry workers in various regions and fields.

Ch-inform & influence The partner connecting the Government and enterprises.

정부와 기업을 잇는 정보 파트너 Channel is always there for the nation's industry providing key information with speediness and accuracy through rich information networks.

Ch-innovation The channel to the nation's future.

대한민국의 미래를 여는 혁신의 창 Channel I instills innovation in our future and suggest the hopeful future encompassing the cutting-edge industry and daily interests.

Ch-invitation The broadcasting that we make together.

대한민국 모두와 함께 만드는 방송 Channel is the hub that connects the policy and field, companies and the region, person
and person. Channel is made by all of us in the nation as the channel of sympathy
and communication, and participation and hope.